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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

FireFoot - alternative to the current Firebird API

New component library has been added to the contributed downloads section. FireFoot created as an alternative to the current Firebird API. It has been made using C and the GLib object model.


mariuz said...

From what i have read , can be used with gnome-db ?

mariuz said...
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mariuz said...

response from devel
"FireFoot is a library that only uses Firebird API. It
has nothing related to gnome-db.
I mentioned gnome-db project in the site because
i think is a great project, among other things."

By the way :is funny name :)

Fikret Hasovic said...

Yes, it's funny but I like that name ;)

Jeronimo Albi said...

Thanks for the comments (^_^), the name was born as a mix of
Firebird and Gnome logo :) because ff was easy to type as
namespace to identify library functions, and it was originally
thought to work with Gnome.
I named Gnome-DB because i added Firebird support to this
library, so i thought it would be nice to name them in the web

Jeronimo Albi said...

By the way, it was nice to read you comments.
I enjoyed it :) !