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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Railroad Barons and Open Source Databases, Conclusion?

Railroad Barons, Conclusion? by Josh Berkus

"I bet Lewis Cunnigham that within 10 years of this post, open source software will dominate the database market. Particularly, I'll bet that by November 19th, 2015:

1. At least 60% of all revenue in the database market will come from support, services, and bundled applications attached to open source, shared source, freeware or hybrid databases;
2. At least one major proprietary database vendor among the current top four (Oracle, Sybase, MS and IBM) will go out of business, open-source their main database system, or convert entirely to bundled freeware licensing;
3. At least two-thirds (measured financially) of applications vendors, integrators and hardware vendors will offer official support for one or more open source database systems, and at least one in ten will support open source databases exclusively.
4. At least one company whose primary emphasis is an open source database or related services, or one division of a larger company devoted to an open source database, will report more than $200 million in revenue (or the inflated equivalent) for the year."

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