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Monday, January 09, 2006

Firebird News HQ


I always claimed about the lack of an "oficial" HQ for news related
to Firebird. Until now, people needed to dig into several sites to get up
to date with the "Firebird World".

For this reason, I created

The site is mainly a blog and will be driven by the community. I mean,
registered people who wants to be authors for the site will be allowed
to post new items with no moderation and full speed, ie: 1-LogIn, 2-Write It,
3-Publish it, and it will be online! No delays, no authorization

In other words: The site needs you! Being an author doesn't
means that you will have to write documents with dozen pages. It means
that you will have the right to post to the site. Actually the posts
are not big, since usually it will just give the user an introduction
to something hosted in another site.

Please enter the above URL and read the "About this site" and "Author
rules", and if you agree (why not?), please register yourself. As
soon as I see your registration, you will be promoted to Author role
and can begin posting new items.

For the RSS entusiasts, the site already offers possibility to track
the new posts and comments using a RSS reader.


Carlos (Membro do TeamFB - FireBase)
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