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Friday, March 24, 2006

Postgres, SQLite, Firebird are all by boring Americans

It occurs to me that the Unix world is truly international. The new addv-thingy (no title yet, I might reuse SFIC, don't know) is going to be written for Ruby on Rails. The Ruby part is from Japan, and is therefore probably written by catgirls and/or ninjas. Maybe catgirl ninjas. (If such do not exist, they should.) Rails, on the other hand, comes from Denmark and is full of viking goodness. Now if I only could find a database from an as-yet-unrepresented region of the world. MySQL is Swedish, but I think that may be overrepresenting Scandinavia. Postgres, SQLite, Firebird are all by boring Americans, and I ought to be the only boring American on this project. Ah well, geeographic diversity ain't everything.


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Mohd Jeffry said...

I've always thought Firebird developers are mostly from Australia. I know for sure Helen Borie is an Aussie and she's rocks!!!