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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

firebird on other architectures (powerpc/arm/ultrasparc/s390)

I read the mips porting thread and here is the one thing to care when doing the port (besides code patches)

Alex Peshkov wrote:
As I see from your answer about cross-compilation, security.fdb in your
package is created by INTEL, not MIPS, binary. And, therefore, it can't
be opened on MIPS, which, I suppose, may have different endianness,
different alignment rules, etc. Therefore you must create security
database at MIPS box to have it usable. But to do it you must attach to
the server, and to attach you need security.fdb => dead lock.

Let's start from the simplest opportunity - do you have isql_static for
MIPS (it's created during normal BOOT_BUILD) ?


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