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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

kernel koroner - io scheduler

Interesting read (see the article bellow), I will check if linux io scheduler has some effect on firebird databases too , I saw some redhat benchmarks with oracle and seems that io schedulers do have some performance gain (that is scheduler's sole raison d'ĂȘtre after all )
some related papers
I'm really interested into this because we have one raid-5 setup and when one of the drives failed and added an new drive to the raid (soft array) the io speed was very poor (1M/s reconstruction speed) and killed the server (booted ant took 1 hour until the login prompt), also we had an mysql 5.1 instance with gigs of data that crashed the centos box when updating/reconstructing some table (4G of ram , athlonX2 and raid5 setup ) I couldn't even press ctrl-alt-del or even sysrq keys (no console error or kernel panik) I call it blank sceen of death (no video output) it might be related to ACPI or freq scaling but now we replaced with another box (same specs) and cpu scalling is disabled in bios

mySQL DBA: IO schedulers matter

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