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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

firebird compile times on ec2 extra large instance (fedora core 6)

Extra Large Instance 15 GB memory, 64-bit platform 8 EC2 Compute Units (4 virtual cores with 2 EC2 Compute Units each) 1,690 GB instance storage (4 x 420 GB plus 10 GB root partition) Instance Type name: m1.xlarge (used in EC2 APIs)


yum install automake libtool readline-devel libtermcap-devel make btyacc bison gawk gcc-c++ xinetd ncurses-devel
tar -jxf Firebird-
./ --prefix=/mnt/firebird2.1.x
time make
real    11m49.195s
user    10m11.510s
sys     1m19.200s
cd /mnt/firebird2.1.x/bin

./isql -u sysdba -p **********
connect "/opt/firebird2.1.x/examples/empbuild/employee.fdb"
SQL> SHOW version;
ISQL Version: LI-T2.1.0.15999 Firebird 2.1 Beta 1
Server version:
Firebird/linux AMD64 (access method), version "LI-T2.1.0.15999 Firebird 2.1 Beta 1"
on disk structure version 11.1

Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Feature Guide: New Instance Types

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