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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

firebird2.0 ( experimental; urgency=low

* New upstream bugfix release
+ adapt debian/; remove more generated files
* refresh patches, drop patches present upstream:
* cvs-port-ia64.patch: drop -fno-rtti as RTTI is needed in 2.0. Hopefully
Closes: #460219 for real
* move booting ot autotools from patch to rules; cleanup rules; invoke
debconf-updatepo in clean target
* rules,
+ determine version from src/jrd/build_no.h
+ unify with 2.1's version
* patches
+ add local-CFLAGS.patch from 2.1
+ merge create-run-dir into lock-file-location
+ terminate-lock-manager (as we supply CXXFLAGS from rules)
* add deprecated-charp-conversion.patch
+ add -Werror=write-string to exterminate that warning
* stop provifing libfbclient2 package, firebird2.1 (in experimental)
provides it. Instead, build-depend on it


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