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Monday, December 20, 2010

News for week 12 - 19 December 2010 : Boolean landing , ibphoenix redesign

The best news seems to be boolean landing in the trunk.
Ibphoenix does have a new face for holidays.
Driver for Django 1.2.x is quite usable these days , this is why works with the latest stable django .
We will have full reference (that means full docs) at the end of winter
Trace support landed in the .dot net driver
Php 5.3.4 is released with the firebird driver enabled (for pdo too) but only for the Visual C++ 9 builds
If you like the firebirdsql console (isql-fb) then there is the add command to interactively insert records/blobs
There is a fixed bug for trunk Fixed the crash about NEXT VALUE FOR reported in fb-devel
Port forward fix for bug CORE-3119 : 100% CPU USAGE with Unilimited Loop & Index corrupted

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