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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Firebird Federation Data Archive

Since we all deal with a lot of common data it makes sense to provide an
archive where that data can be centralised. There have been various
discussions on things like postcodes, zip codes and the like, and
providing a means of combining data from several sources seems to be the
best way forward.

Since the Foundation only covers this planet, and I'm sure someone will
come up with inter-planetary records, we are probably creating a
'Federation' of data sources.

So far I have
COUNTRIES with ISO2 and ISO3 code
- need to add dialing number/international ref no
DE_STATE with state code
US_STATE with state code
CA_PROVINCE with code and space for flags
- but then I could not load them ;)

Hopefully people get the idea, and I am sure we will be adding such
things as country flags, and other elements, but they will not be
compatible with a csv download :( So I suspect we will have an image
less view as an option for creating the csv extract.

I do have the GB Postcode list, but I'll refrain from posting that
1492000 records making 200Mb of data, and while it has been created from
sources I have control off, I'm not sure on the 'copyright' position
over postcode data. I will have an 'area' code list - the first half of
the postcode - but anything more accurate will need investigating.

Can someone with better SQL skills than me tell me if we can combine the
county/state/province tables to produce a world 'state' list as a view
on the other tables, or will I need to 'build' the larger table via
scripts and 'pump' the data?

Who else has some contributions?
Eating places in the Gamma Quadrant?

Of cause you all have access to Black Crystal communications, so you
know that the link is

I've created a second demo database with the information in, and
ibWebAdmin provides a csv upload/download, in addition to on line editing.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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