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Monday, January 31, 2005

What's New in Firebird Ado Data provider for .Net and Mono

Release Candidate 1 ( 2005-02-XX )

Bug fixes (Please read the Changelog for details)

* Fixed problem with 0 lowerbound array fields on the embedded server support.

* Try to fix performance problem with array fields on selectable statements
when working agsint the standalone firebird server.

* Fixed problems with the new Design time support on Visual Studio 2003.

* Fixed incorrect mapping for binary blob fields to System.Array, now it will
be mapped to byte[]

* Fixed char values checkings by using the field character set information
for the check.

* Improved comments removal on the FbScript class. (Andreas Sandner)

* Integrated the BinaryEncoding class for the octets character set support (Contributed by Jim Beveridge)
* Added error information to the FbDataAdapter configuration wizard.

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