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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

lazarus and firebird - mini howto

The concept is exactly the same as in Delphi: you have a TDataset descendent which
accesses the database of your choice. Possible are:
- MySQL (not recommended, MySQL API is unstable: it changes too frequently)
- PostGreSQL
- Firebird/Interbase (Recommended)
- SQLite (not recommended for CGI apps)
- Simple DBF.

To start, install the latest lazarus, and install the SQLBDLaz package.
After that, there should be a TSQLQuery component and some connection
components (one for each database). Set the SQL property, connect the
TSQLQuery to the appropriate connection and you should be all set.

Recently, ZeosLib was ported to Lazarus, so that should be usable as
well, but I haven't seen an installation package yet.
Michael Van Canneyt

Update :

You can install the SQLDBLaz package in Lazarus by choosing Components
-> Open package file and choose \components\sqldb\sqldblaz.lpk

See also:
Feel free to update these documentation, if something is not clear enough.



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