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Friday, May 13, 2005

UIB 2 Final Release - Yet another lazarus/firebird kind of components

  • New component TJvUIBConfig.
  • New component TJvUIBRepair.
  • New component TJvUIBSecurity (thanks to Volkan Ceylan).
  • New component TJvUIBEvents.
  • Rewritten TJvUIBScript to handle large script.
  • Corrected dataset and FPC 1.9.6 compatibility.
  • Improved TJvUIBDatabase to retrieve database informations.
  • Corrected "jvuibmetadata" to retrieve array informations.
  • Read/write faster NUMERIC data types. (thanks to Volkan Ceylan).
  • Delphi 2005 for win32 compatibility.
  • new compiler option: "HAVE_SYNEDIT", if you don't want to use synedit, desactivate this option in
  • Firebird 2 compatibility.
  • Again faster :)

    Compatibility with previous version

  • In previous version of TJvUIBBackUp & TJvUIBRestore you need to implement the OnVerbose event to wait for the end of the operation. Now you also have to set the new "verbose" property to true.
  • If you use the dataset with persistent BCD fields you have to regenerate them

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