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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Report from OSCON by Ann W. Harrison

I'm returning from two days a O'Reilly's Open Source Conference in
Portland Oregon - lovely city. I met Rob Schuff (sp?) again - after
five years I think - and David Jenks. Interest in Firebird was moderate
(at best) but even the other database sessions were lightly attended and
mostly full of current users. The high points of the conference for me
were the new features talks by Postgres and MySQL. The flagship
features for the new Postgres due out this year are Stored Procedures
(less capable than ours) and Views. Postgres has added an intermediate
bitmap in index retrievals (like ours) and two-phase commit.

Almost made up for the half an hour I spent talking to a potential user
who had been told that he could use Firebird for his application because
he didn't need much of "that relational stuff."



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