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Monday, May 22, 2006

Mono Live + Firebird - work in progress this summer

I will create an Firebird Live Cd + mono applications this summer (be it if i'm accepted for

google summer of code or not)

Here is the list of application i intend to add to the dapper live cd (the list is taken from the )

Desktop Applications (written in Mono)
Beagle - Desktop Search (done with apt-get)
Blam - Blog Reader
F-Spot - Photo Album
Muine - Music Player or Banshee (itunes like with apt-get install)
Tomboy - Simple Note-Taking

Web Applications (ASP.NET)
ASP.NET Forums - 1.0 on Firebird (if it works or will be ported)
BlogX - Weblog Engine
IBuySpy - Portal on Firebird (if it works or will be ported)
mojoPortal - Community Portal
nGallery - Web Photo Gallery

Developer Tools (Mono and non-Mono)
MonoDevelop - Mono IDE (done apt-get)
Monodoc - Documentation Browser (done apt-get)
Glade - GTK+ / Gtk# GUI Builder (done apt-get)
FirebirdSQL- Best Open Source Database [DONE]
Flamerobin - Graphical Firebird Administration and Development Tool[DONE]

Other possible inclusions:
Reports Starter Kit using Mono/Firebird

Time Tracker Starter Kit using Mono/Firebird

DotNetFirebirdBB It should work with Mono/Firebird (with firebird support addded) and optional spider (Hard work)
Read more about the original mono-live cd

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