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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Firebird Weekly News #1

This is the firebird related news from 25-31 May Week

News around firebird world:
Firebird Romanian community had an small booth and tequila/beer meeting at event
I was in the middle of people also one guy also I want to mention and

Here are the picture with faces and names on it

Music/Book/Movie Label uses Firebird
Preparing for 6th FDD - Firebird Developers Day
Firebird Maestro 9.5 released

FirebirdConfig released
Change Manager from Embarcadero will add Firebird support (at last)
Firebird Python PowerConsole 0.7 is released

Flamerobin will switch from subversion to git
Flamerobin Blob Editor on the way

Nice Requests and Bugs:
Ability to rename a table

Firebird Source Patches and Commits:
Make engine create lock files in /tmp/firebird

Lock files location should not be affected by value of TMP environment variable
Do not overload placement new operator. That is not valid accordingly to C++ standard.
Robocop fixed the VC9 project files.
Feature CORE-2470 - Support for alternate format of strings literals but on Firebird-Architect there was an long thread about it .
Added possibility to user inform external routines body , Made external routines entrypoint optional.
Fixed issue with two-phase procedure store and DDL triggers
HVlad Fixed MSVC8 build
Firebird Use COMMONAPPDATA folder on Windows for shared memory files placement (lock table, even table, etc).
Alex Peshkoff worked on Solaris port, related cleanup
Let's not crash while internally disconnecting a Classic process after a database shutdown.
Fix AV in trace when UNICODE collation is not found - thanks to Alex
Multi Threaded safe floating point exceptions control. Raise error in case of FP overflow according to SQL standard requirements.
Alex Peshkoff fixed warnings in AIX port.
Better error reporting. Also, don't block the requester in the case of error.
More fixes for bug CORE-2444 : make remapping of shared memory work correctly.
Fixed CORE-2482: Monitoring tables data collection is unstable when attaching or detaching database.


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