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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Firebird Weekly News #2

This is the firebird related news from week 1-7 June
News around firebird world:
phpBB “quite furry” 3.0.5 released
Under the Firebird umbrella - site updates
Lazarus and Firebird Embedded tutorial on Windows 32 bits
Embarcadero Tools and FB , news from Delphi Day Italy

Here is an interview with Jim Davis, SAS Institute SVP and Chief Marketing Officer.

Firebird Source Patches and Commits:
Improvement CORE-2498 - Make a single attachment usabe by more than one simultaneous threads in embedded

Fixed CORE-2499 - Implementation limit of DISTINCT items are not enforced, causing generation of incorrect BLR
Backported changes extending range of usable auto* tools

What is new and fixed in Version 2.1.x

Backport fix for bug CORE-2348 : More problems with transaction numbers overflowing 32-bit signed integer and corrupting database

Backport sub-task CORE-1647 : Close external table's file even if it used by some cached (inactive) requests.
It also fixed bug CORE-2475 : External table data not visible to other sessions in Classic.

Backport fix for bug CORE-2416 : AV preparing a query with aggregate over derived table

Minor cleanup by robocop

Dimitry Added timeouts to the network event listener code.
Fixed wrong usage of SO_REUSEADDR on Windows.

Alex Fixed Sun compiler warnings

Fixed CORE-2483: Database permanent pool may get corrupted when working with monitoring tables.

Better way to compile utilities/ntrace/os/*/platform.cpp for different platforms

Alex Fixed SYSV semaphores + const correctness + cleanup

Code simplification by robocop (claudio)

This is already a Windows file, no need to check for the WIN_NT macro.

Alex Fixed posix build

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