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Friday, June 19, 2009

Firebird Weekly News #3

This is the firebird related news from week 7-14 June
News around firebird world:
Firebird django backend call for testing help and progress.
Firebird 2.1.2 included in SourceMage Linux.
Flamerobin 0.9.2 packages into Fedora Linux and epel repository
Fedora 11 released with Firebird included in the main repository

New IBProvider version with enhanced Firebird 2.5 support
About FB support in Delphi Weaver
How to Query the Firebird Fisheye
Firebird: Deal with Unavailable Database
Firebird DTP Plugin for Eclipse released

Firebird Source Patches and Commits:
Fix CORE-2370: SQL Plan greater than 2048 characters is not printed at all in ISQL.
This is the client side fix. Server-side fixes will follow.
We should be careful to not upset FB2.1 and before.
New messages to fix CORE-2505: beware of built-in functions returning NaN and Inf. Code will follow in one day.
Better input type for SQZ_decompress plus a bit of style
Apply Alex/Bill/Jerry/me patch re. portability in redefinition of operator new
Sign extension problem, thanks Bill Oliver.
Update logic for ininf() in POSIX and use macro isnan instead of _isnan in Windows.
Update to-do a tad.
Locking something in AST turns out to be a bad idea. Let's use a "dirty read" approach and honestly return the "unknown" state for a not initialized backup manager (quite rare situation in practice).
The third incarnation of the monitoring internals. I'm not happy to commit such big changes into the point release, but this is the only solution for the AST signal safety issues in POSIX (see CORE-2483).
The change consists of a few parts

Remove unneeded reference to isc_ipc, since this file is not needed to build gpre_boot
In 3.0 binreloc should be turned on

Opportunist developer sees the place to constify the code.
Undo huge and not friendly fix for Sun compiler. Missed file
Patch by DS and VKh to speed up SQZ in some cases
Avoid sign extension problems in CVT
Much more easy way to please Sun compiler and not touch anything more
isc_ipc usage cleanup

Though we do not actively use signals since 2.5, let's better initialize paths before setting handlers

Rename function as agreed with Alex and Dmitry.

Don't be strictive with compiler warnings

Reworked class Semaphore:

1. Mach semaphores on Darwin.
2. No more local SysV semaphores.
3. Fixed bugs in conditional var based semaphore.
4. Moved big methods from .h to .cpp file.

Mac port - use correct full name for libib_util

Fix CORE-2501: bin_shl and bin_shr shouldn't accept negative shifts.

Put bad_port_context() in alphabetical order and created a little helper, send_error().

Use PORT_FILE for port file lock - thanks to Claudio

Make initialization distributed - each subsystem does what it needs when needs, removed gds.cpp:init()

Backport improvement CORE-1171: make floating point's exponential format the same across platforms.

After asking Alex, he confirms that calling fb_shutdown_callback in isql is for everything except WIN_NT (make code equivalent to previous versions).

Improvement CORE-1171: make floating point's exponential format the same across platforms.

Declare exported functions correctly - thanks to Paul Beach

Robocop added Paranoid checks in server.cpp

Slightly improve the retry loops in inet.cpp. Let's give up as soon as the call fails with any unexpected error.

CORE-2263: RemoteAuxPort for SuperClassic and regular Classic.
This change also fixes the possible races in SuperServer (possible after getting rid of the global mutex in the remote subsystem).

robocop is Minimizing casts (reinterpret_cast).

Fixed use of monitoring tables in on disconnect trigger, make pool for DatabaseSnapshot independent


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