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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Firebird Weekly News #4

This is the list of firebird related news from week 14-21 June

Slackware 12.2 and firebird user introduction on LQ.
Firebird ODBC Acrobat and JavaScript question of the day.
Firebird 2.1.2 is included in OpenSUSE 10.3.
Here is an interview with Vlad Khorsun, done for the Brazilian ActiveDelphi Magazine.
New poll at .We have a new poll running on the site. Vote now (look at the sidebar).
Dmitry Kuzmenko wrote on his own blog What is sort? Part 1 and 2 articles
Prism9’s HelixGL Accounting System – powered by Firebird.
mojoPortal Released
Tunnelling a Firebird Backup with SSH.
Hugues Van Landeghem reports that DevGems DataModeler supports Firebird.

Open Source Delphi based ERP with Firebird.

Firebird Interesting Source Patches and Commits:

robocop committed b764edb
Use our common code to deal with NaN and Infinity.
committed 4d14694
Fix CORE-2505: beware of built-in functions returning NaN and Inf. Some functions were added, but they are called from the debugger only because they aren't exposed through DSQL.
asfernandes committed 0c145b0
Make the VC++ Express build not show a popup everytime setenv.bat is called - one time is enough

robocop committed 0eef56c
CORE-2509. Took the opportunity to fix several data types.
asfernandes committed c3cab2d
Fix build
asfernandes committed 5a01b8b
Put apples and oranges in different baskets
aafemt committed 60280f3
Fix parsing of constructions like /*/ and /**/*
dimitr committed 4ad2806
Fixed some issues with the optimizer, namely: (1) incorrect cost calculation for indexed retrievals in joins and (2) too pessimistic heuristics for indices with zero selectivity.
paulbeach committed e6fafc0
O_DIRECT and MacOSX problem (lack of)
hvlad committed 79ae46e
Initialize variables before it could be used.
paulbeach committed 1629d25
O_DIRECT and MacOSX problem (lack of) - better ifdefs (I hope)

asfernandes committed 04d9688
Revert this change. HEAD was fine.

asfernandes committed 76a3d7a
Fixed CORE-2516 - Wrong processing SP parameters with arrays

robocop committed 664ebab
Give idx_id and associated values a consistent data type and treatment.
robocop committed 83a57c6
Validations (do not crash).
hvlad committed 651528d
Fixed bug CORE-2519 : GSTAT output is incorrect for tables with more than 2 billion records


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