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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Fyracle 0.8.2 released

Fyracle 0.8.2 released


- fixed instability when using date functions (win)
- fixed instability when accessing blobs; this
issue also caused ODBC-driver errors
- fixed install issue with plsql on some linux systems
- fixed initialization failure of connector (lin)
- added suport for certain TOAD-generated syntax
- fixed a regression with nested queries
- fixed an auto-commit issue in JayBird
- upgraded the ODBC drivers to version 1.2.1
- upgraded the JDBC drivers to version 1.5.4 (lin)


The new demo installers can be downloaded from:

The new Install Kit can be downloaded via:


The recommended upgrade procedure is to first
uninstall previous versions of Fyracle and only
then to install the new 0.8.2 release.

The uninstaller has a start menu entry on Windows
and can be found at the top of the install
directory on Linux and Windows.


The Compiere demo has Jaybird preinstalled. If
you downloaded this demo ("") before
30-Nov-2004, you will need to download it again to
get rid of the "autocommit" failure reports.

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