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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

OT:FireCheetah (Firebird Database in Pascal)

Funny quote of the day related to firebird :)

Subject: FireCheetah (Firebird Database for Pascal)
I was imagining the FireCheetah (Pascal version of Firebird).
Hahaha, If you make it, I promise I'll make one cheetah burning into Fire for the logo!!
I would use the pascal version, but I believe the c++ would be faster. (Hey! I'll start one war by saying it ;-)
Doesnt already exists this h2pas?
There is also another good point, no fbclient.dll would be required. Once we could just add a unit called fbclient to our aplication. (I hate those dlls)
Ok, ok, we can still do it using c++, but using pascal is easier.

Here is the full thread
And the serious stuff (fbclient.(so/dll) in pascal):
"But, I think that there are 2 options:
- take the java client and port it.
- take the .NET client and port it.
As far as I know, they are both native clients.

I suppose that the Java client is the easiest to port, because .NET may
have some constructs which will be difficult to port to FPC.

And as for porting the rest of firebird: let's see first how difficult
it is to port the java client..."

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