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Saturday, December 25, 2004

YAFS (Yet another Firebird site)

Let me introduce a humble project everythingfirebird
[ED: I think we have competition :)]

When I searched for Firebird, there was very little information
available and outside of documentation and some articles the project
did not seem to have much publicity. I started the site (in blog
format) to collect all the news and developer-related information.

I will try to make the best effort to make the site comprehensive for
Firebird newbies, which I consider myself to be. If anyone has any
links, code samples or press releases, feel free to send them my way.
I am also planning to post some sample code for little experimental
apps that use Firebird.


Alex said...

Thanks for the link, evil competition:-) Actually, looks like we're doing quite different things - you track the events and what's happening, while I am mostly interested in code samples and how-to's for beginners, with (maybe) occasional news updates.

mariuz said...

i understand , don't know why webring stuff is added to every news item (doesn't look good)