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Friday, June 10, 2005

How do I install Firebird 1.52 on Ubuntu? mini-guide

How do I install Firebird 1.52 on Ubuntu?
Classic or Super?

I found this about Firebird on

Firebird 1.5.1 can be installed by following these steps:

1. Enable universe repository (see )

2. $ apt-get install firebird2-classic-server (or firebird2-super-server,
according to your needs, see Firebird web)
3. $ apt-get install firebird2-utils-classic

Then you can use the isql-fb app to create/connect to a database and execute
SQL queries.

If you need php4 support, execute
4. $ apt-get install php4-interbase

See for tutorials and documentation.

alternative to debian way firebird 1.5.2 can be installed from tar.gz
extract it, run installer

found another Debian guide
also firebird 1.5.2 will be packaged as deb


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