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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Firebird (and IBExpert) on German Magazine CD

we just wanted to let everybody know that the german magazine ct
(, i would say the most important serious computer
magazine in german language, about 500000 times printed each issue)
will have a major topic regarding free Database Systems in
their next issue 20/2005 (coming on 19th Sept 2005).

The major players there are mysql, postgresql and firebird.

We were asked for a special IBExpert Version for the magazine cd
and we created a special Version for it. On the CD will also be
the firebird server.

There will be a kind of a programming Championship in the magazine
regarding a portable webshop system, that should work on all three
database systems. Since there is a large community of mysql users
and also postgresql users, we should also have a look what we can
do to support the firebird database solution in this championship.

I will inform everybody here when we have seen the final
printed version of the article in the magazine and the
stuff on the cd.

Best Regards

Holger Klemt

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Prague, Czech Republic

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