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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Open Source Database Conference 2005

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The Open Source Database Conference 2005 deserves some coverage as it is the only forum in recent years that focuses on all of the major Free Software and Open Source DBMS, and includes business sessions that focus on how Free/Open databases fit into the business world, along with solid technical sessions (usually from core developers of the DBMS in question) on:
* Apache Derby
* Berkeley DB
* Firebird
* Ingres
* MaxDB
* PostgreSQL
* SQLite

Additionally, conference organizer Software and Support Verlag has graciously made exhibition space available for the Free/Open DBMS projects that are not supported by a company. (Contact me for details)

So, if you can, please attend - you won't find a better event for Free/Open databases anywhere else this year. See for more details on sessions, speakers, travel and rates.


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