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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fyracle Delphi Connector

In the Fyracle newsgroup several requests have been
made for support for Delphi/Kylix/FreePascal.

The Fyracle connector has been designed with just
enough of the Firebird API implemented to support the
ODBC and JDBC drivers. Users can help by adding support
for the full API.

Have a look at:

The files in this directory generate an 'empty' connector
library, named "delphi_conn.dll". This DLL exposes (part
of) the Firebird API -- i.e. the isc_* functions -- and
dynamically loads the "fbclient.dll" library to handle
the calls to those functions.

In order to help with adding Delphi support to Fyracle,
please help with adding the missing API functions to this
connector library. We will add these to the Fyracle
library in turn. If your Delphi application works with
the 'empty' connector, it will work with Fyracle as well.

Questions? Please ask them in the Fyracle forum.

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