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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Firebird and Postfix

Is there any interest at all in getting Firebird support within Postfix?

I have been working on implementing this for my own use and am willing to make it generally available once it is complete if there is interest.


Dan Wilson

[ed:Sure we are interested about it , maybe we can write an howto for
postfix to be added on (watch Database support


dmiller said...

Another vote for it - I'd love to use Firebird instead of the other default options.

Lucas said...

Hi.... I'd like to use you mod on my postfix installation... is it done?
I've searched it on postfix site and found nothing... could you post it?

mariuz said...

it's not yet done but we can start a project to port it

i use manly postfix on servers and it would be nice to have native firebird port

Lucas said...

I have no idea of how to do it :)
but if I can help, what could be done?

Lucas said...

Hi I've found this pam_ibase module... it works fine for auth.
But I don't tried it on postfix yet.
But I'll try today.

mariuz said...

tell us how it works
i will try in a ubuntu virtual machine

so i think in easy stepts it can be done in the end , i will ask on postfix devel list what are the steps and patches

Lucas said...

here is the module:
Postfix auths successfully, but I can`t send any files to localhost, I think it is because postfix just dont know what to do with the e-mail,("where is the user`s folder?"). I forgot to try sending files to external serves like gmail, but I think it works.
any information, I can send later

Lucas said...

*e-mails, not files, sorry.