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Monday, October 17, 2005

Fyracle 0.8.9pre released

Fyracle 0.8.9pre released


- Added support for stored functions & procedures
in other languages than PL/SQL
- Added plugin for Java stored functions & procedures
- Added support for external C stored functions

Support for external stored procedures has been
contributed by Eugeney Putilin, Vlad Horsun and
Roman Rokytskyy.


This pre-release is available to beta testers only.
Only a Win32 version is available at this point in


The recommended upgrade procedure is to first
uninstall any previous versions of Fyracle and only
then to install the new 0.8.9 release. Remember
to save your configuration files (firebird.conf
and aliases.conf) if you changed them!

The uninstaller has a start menu entry on Windows
and can be found at the top of the install
directory on Linux and Windows.

Please review your java configuration file after
installation. The first non-comment line should
contain a path to your java virtual machine (jvm.dll),
the second non-comment line should contain a path
to the plugin jdbc driver.


Full public releases of Fyracle 0.8.9 should be available
in the course of the week commencing 17 October.


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