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Monday, October 10, 2005

firebird2_1.5.2-8 ready for testing in Debian Unstable (aka sid)

I've prepared the next upload of firebird2-1.5.2.

Source and binary packages are in

It would be nice if any of you wishes to help by installing/upgrading the packages.

All packages and the Release files are signed by me, so you can verify the
signatures with apt 0.6.

Revision history is available on

I'll wait a week for bugreports and then ask Francesco for an upload.

Changelog follows:

firebird2 (1.5.2-8) unstable; urgency=low

* "Cleaning up the house"

* debian/ Fix short description of firebird2-super-server.
Closes: #299983
* Make editline to not rely on system vis.h and always use its own.
Fixes FTBFS with kerberos4kth-dev 1.2.2-11: undefined reference to
`strunvis' (Closes: #283911)
Reported and fix suggested by Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
* Improve long descriptions of libfbembed1 and libfbclient1.
Closes: #329330 "libfbclient1: long description lacks everything"
Gerfried Fuchs spotted this. Thanks.
* Corrected sections:
- libfbclient1, libfbembed1 -> libs
- firebird2-utils-* -> utils
- firebird2-dev -> libdevel
- firebird2-examples -> doc
Gerfried Fuchs spotted this too. Thanks again.
* debian/README.64bit: add note about 64/32-bit incompatibility of
on-disk-structure of databases
* Fix typo in debian/, causing UDF definition .sql files to
be installed in -classic-server. Now they go in -server-common.
Closes: #322199 firebird2-classic-server: Missing sql for functions of
ib_udf and fbudf
* firebird2-classic-server: xinetd configuration file is now installed
regardless of xinetd presense. Provided xinetd configuration is disabled,
* fmbgr.bin fixed to point to /var/log/firebird.log when a problem occurs.
Prevoiusly pointed to $FIREBIRD/log/firebird.log
+ debian/patches/fbmgr_correct_log_path.dpatch
* Turn off echo when asking for sysdba password
* Ask for sysdba password only on one is not yet set (very first install)
* Move SYSDBA.password from /usr/lib/firebird2 to /etc/firebird2
* /etc/init.d/firebird2: source /etc/firebird2/SYSDBA.password to get sysdba
* pre-boot autotools
+ debian/patches/autoboot.dpatch
+ remove autoconf and libtool from Build-Depends
* update src/extern/editline/config.{guess,sub} to those from 2005-09-13
+ fixes two lintian warnings
* aliases.conf: use /var/lib/firebird2/data for employee.fdb
* firebird-classic-server.prerm: detect active connections using

-- Damyan Ivanov Sat, 8 Oct 2005 20:47:51 +0300

-- Damyan Ivanov Creditreform Bulgaria
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