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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Building Vulcan (Firebird 3.0) on 64bit linux

Jens Zurawski wrote:
I've just tried it that way. It doesn't work. It seems there are at least two additional steps:

Jim Response:
During the transfer of the CVS tree to Firebird all of empty directories under vulcan/install got lost (I smell the footprint of a Tortoise here). I have added them back. Here is the full command sequence from a SuSE 9.2 AMD64 build:
112 13:58 cvs -z3 co vulcan
113 14:01 cd vulcan
114 14:02 ./
115 14:02 ls
116 14:02 ./
117 14:02 cd src
118 14:03 ./set_platform linux64
119 14:03 boot_build
120 14:06 rehash

Unless you know my password, you will want to use
cvs -z3 co vulcan
in lieu of step 112. I suggest you also skip step 114.

Personally, I think building the whole thing in three minutes is pretty cool.

[ED: me preparing 120Gb hdd for linux64 os]

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