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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Open source accounting software using php and firebird ?

Question on firebird-php list:
Almond wrote:
Has anybody know there there are open source accounting software using php

> and firebird ? I see NoLA and CK-ledger, has anybody transferred the schema
> to firebird ?
Was running with Nola 1.2, but I don't see much progress as the
developers have switched to the subscription model for Nola2 so I
dropped it. ( Nola was what started me with ADOdb ;) ) provides a nice summary of
accounts packages available, but I'm not sure how up to date it is.

Not looked at ck-ledger (ck-erp seems to be the current version), as it
needs phpGW to run, but phporganisation is on my list to have a play
with. It uses smarty templates, but fixed MySQL code - via an include
which should be simple to modify - and should slot in with tikipro
without too much trouble.

Lester Caine

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Seb James said...

Hi Lester,

I'd be happy to extend phporganisation to use firebird as a database backend. Do get in touch via the email address given on the wiki, or in the application if you want to talk about this.