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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Firebird Blogs of the week

Why everyone should be a programmer

"I don't know if I have posted this before, but everyone should be a programmer. If you work with computers at all, which for better or worse most of us do, you can make your lives much easier.
For instance: My business deals with a lot of peoples Interbase databases (Well, Firebird but you get the idea)."

More on Robin's Aussie Blog
Writing some classes in php
"Last friday i was kinda bored at work so i decided to renew my functions and write some classes, so i started with the ones that i use most, and just wrote a class to conect, execute a sql query and return an array with the data using a firebird database, nothing really usefull, but makes my life easier :)"

by Fabio Gomes on his own yet another coding blog

How to start firebird on slackware (or any linux) Indonesian blog written by Budi Raharjo
[ED: blogger Location JAWA Barat - nice name i remember some motor bikes with JAWA name)



Budi Raharjo said...'s great blog.

Thanks for your link to my blog.

-Budi Raharjo-

mariuz said...

Thank you for blogging about firebird :)
it's an good thing for spreading the word