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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mac OSX (10.4) port of Firebird 3.0 (Vulcan)

The Mac OSX port of Vulcan is working though it hasn't
been tested multi-user, and has some rough edges in the
build. It uses gcc 4.0 which offers some warnings that
I could live without, and will figure out how to eliminate.

Here's the procedure.

1) download vulcan from CVS

2) define the environmental variable VULCAN to be

3) define ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD as SYSDBA and
masterkey respectively.

4) add $VULCAN/install/bin to your PATH variable

5) add $VULCAN/install/bin to your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH

6) edit the file changing all
instances of libtool and libtoolizer to glibtool
and glibtoolizer respectively.

7) run

8) go to the /src/buildgen directory and

9) make buildgen (i.e. type "make")

10) in the same directory type "make install"

11) go to the /src directory

12) edit the files build and boot_build, changing gmake
to make.

13) test that you can find buildgen (which buildgen)

14) fix whatever it is that keeps you from finding buildgen

15) type "./set_platform darwin" - without the quotes of course.

16) run boot_build piping output and errors to a file.

You'll find a number of warnings about the incorrect use of
offsetof macro - MemMgr and a few other files. It works fine.
Jrd reports lots of multiply defined symbols from gds.o but
appears to work find and won't link on Windows without gds.o.
Burp gives lots warnings about
non-local variable ':: ::isc_xxx
uses anonymous type. It works too.


Ann W. Harrison


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