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Friday, December 02, 2005

FSQL v1.4.0

FSQL is the tool I use approximately one year instead of standard ISQL.
It has some enhancements, like commands to import data from csv,
show attached users, inserting file contents into blob, etc.
To list new commands execute HELP command, short description,
some examples, and link for download is here:

Any feedback is welcome.

Ivan Prenosil



César Martínez said...

Hola tendras una version para linux?
o el codigo fuente para descargar por favor

Te lo agradeceria mucho

Adrian Marius Popa said...

Hola , you can ask Ivan see the link at the bottom of the page

Adrian Marius Popa said...

FSQL can be compiled by both Delphi and FreePascal, so it should be easy to create Linux version. But because currently I work with Windows only, and do not have enough time to play with Linux, please contact me if you want Linux version and you are willing to help with its compilation.

César Martínez said...

oops I didn't notice the post was in english, any way, I've already sent an e-mail to Ivan (
But he didn't answer, and the download only includes the exe files.
I can't find the source code, if I had it I woud be willing to help and compile it for linux.