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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Firebird Slackware package [DONE]

Found it on linux package
"This site is dedicated to the the enrichment and enhancement of the Slackware Linux operating system. We are gathering a vast resource of Slackware packages from around the world. "
ps:some romanians are involved with site code

This web site is hand coded, it is not based off any nuke puke or any of those other prefab portals. The backend alone is a monster amount of php code and continues to grow.

Mihai Ionascu (mihai at roundpixel dot org) - Graphic Design
Cristian Voinea (trotter at opensys dot ro) - HTML template
Robert Stan (robalo at linuxpackages dot net) :-)
Jason Woodward (woodwardj at jaos dot org) Backend scripts
John Vallejos (jav at linuxpackages dot net) Package approvals and Good friend


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